ISO 21001:2018 Education Organization Management System

We became one of the first institute certified by ISO 21001:2018 standard for educational organizations for the next three years.Read More »

Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC)

Our all study centres are individually, regularly evaluated and registered by TVEC. Newly established study centres’ application may still process.Read More »

NVQ – National Vocational Qualification

All TVEC registered centres are now becoming NVQ accredited centres. All our NVQ accredited centres offer internationally recognized NVQ certificates.Read More »

PHSRC - Private Health Services Regulatory Council

We Obtains PHSRC (Private Health Services Regulatory Council) Registration as a government approved Private Nurses/Caregivers Training School.Read More »
Years of Experience
About Our Campus

A Few Words About the Campus

We are committed to advancing health education and providing most professional health work force to national and international health industry. Our campus is established in 2005 at Rathnapura study centre and now accomplish with 15 study centres.

We are deeply focus on Sri Lankan rural students who has limited access to higher health education. Study centre network locations are focusing on more equitable educational opportunities in Sri Lankan rural students.

Courses are the subjects you study as part of your certificate that approved by TVEC..
Program are approved set of academic requirements that lead to an accredited higher education award.
Study Centres

Our Locations

Study Centres

Our Best Features

  • Get qualified and Get the job

    Get your dream job and get paid well for it! There are number of private health sector vacancies waiting for you straight after graduating.

  • Qualified Professional Lectures

    Our all lectures and tutors are Government registered, well qualified professionals only. Lectures are best suited for helping students make connections with factual knowledge.

  • Free English and IT Courses

    We have been recognized that important enhancing English Language and IT knowdge of our Students. Apart from that we have delivering these free courses to shine our students.

  • Study Centres Network

    No need to go and stay far away from your home. Now we are at your home town. You can change your study centres while you are learning.

  • Course Fees Payment Plan

    We understand that you need support for course fees payments. We offer transparent payments plans as well as discounted upfront options for our courses.

  • Well organized courses

    Courses are designed to achieve learning goals with activities and assessments, it can help students develop conceptual awareness, learn to synthesize ideas, and begin constructing their own knowledge.

  • Medical Lab and Practical Rooms

    We know how important the practical elements of learning are, and our clinical spaces give students the chance to put theory into real-world practice.

Success Stories

What Our Students Say

Your story is unique. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your aspirations.
These inspiring success stories speak to the Courage, Determination and dedication these students have exhibited often overcoming significant odds in order to reach their Professional goals and create a better life for themselves and their families. See how they overcame their obstacles to achieve their career dreams. See How IVA made them success. Read stories of real students who know this and get inspired to create your own unique student success story! If they can do it, so can you!

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