Badulla District Study Centre

Badulla Study centre originally opened in 2010 as a first study centre of UVA Province. This study centre relocated in 2019 and current location is calm and quit place to study environment. Located within 300m distance from Badulla Central Bus stand and 600m from railway station.

The campus also features a range of facilities for your education including comfortable class rooms, practical room with full range of physical resources and newly established library.

Study Centre Manager

Ms.E.R.H.Chamodi Himasha Edirisinghe
Badulla Branch

“My name is Chamodi Himasha Edirisinghe and I will be your instructor for the course. I am looking forward to a new batch with you.
This course will have Assignments, Practicals, Projects, Exams, Extra activates, Charity programmes, Communication skill development camp and more and more.
I look forward to working with you this new batch and getting off to a strong start!”

Our Lecture Panel

SLMC Registered Qualified Lectures


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